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Tuning Art Dealer and Gallery Websites

What is an additional client a week worth?  

Your existing website can be more effective at 

winning new clients
selling more art works.

Every week, perhaps every day, valuable potential clients are looking at your site.
They like what they see, but then they go away.
There are reasons for this.     

Without major redesign, we can help you to have your site not just look good, but bring you more business.

Small changes can a make a big difference.  Contact Nigel Franklin to find out how.


07973 103 603


As a commercial art gallery, you provide a profound, appealing visual experience.
Does your website do this? In many cases – absolutely!
But does it also work for you?  Does it move your stock?

Does your website:

  • appeal, illuminate and inform?
  • communicate a powerful marketing message about your gallery or business?
  • detail your particularexpertise andencourage visitors to want to buy from you?
  • provide clear, easy navigation ensuring your art works easy to find?
  • make the visitor want to explore the site further?
  • provide the visitor reason to return?
  • show your art works attractively with sufficient detail to enable them to know they want to buy?

Your website should – and can – do all this!


Nigel Franklin is a user experience specialist and has been creating, managing and consulting on leading websites since 1998. A key focus is on  art dealer and gallery websites where the most effective communication is the most interesting, innovative and visually exciting – and where each additional client won through the site can make a vital difference.