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Making your website work for you

2012 January 20
by nfrank999

Nigel Franklin, Principal
Nigel Franklin, Principal, Franklin Associates

As business and web consultants, we work independently with clients to have their websites support their goals.

Does your website clearly represent your profile?
Does it cater well to your key audiences?
Is it easy to navigate?
Does it attract an audience?
Does it work well on a mobile phone or tablet?
Is it social media friendly?
Is it easy to manage?

We will work with you to tweak or restructure your website to have it support you in your business.

Online, e-commerce and user experience expertise

Since being one of the founder members of online auctioneer and early dotcom star, Franklin Associates principal Nigel Franklin has built on his online and e-commerce expertise in peer to peer, B2B and B2C environments.  That expertise has been further enhanced through his association with user experience leaders Electronic Ink.

Working with art galleries

We have built an expertise with art galleries.  Our gallery clients include one of the leading players in Europe.

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